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Package: 6 One hour sessions

Intuitive Guidance Sessions


Abigail uses different modalties and levels of trance, depending upon the session needs. Each session is tailor made for you and with you. It could be a creative reflection for a project, an exercise or meditation to return to your inner calm and knowing, or you may use the time to check-in with the spirit world. 


Each  hour purchased cannot be broken up  or combined  with another hour. They are to be used as purchased.

They are meant for one person only.


Remote via phone or  Zoom.

In -person is subject to availabiltiy.


Please keep in mind for remote sessions:  schedule when you are sure you can be alone in the room, without any distractions. 

Schedule all sessions ahead of time, or book when needed. 


24 hour cancellation policy, barring an emergency.

When cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, please honor the full payment.

Package: 6 One hour sessions

$1,350.00 Regular Price
$1,080.00Sale Price
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