As a child, spirits and guides were Abigail's confidants and friends. She understood that many people on this plane didn't recognize them, but for Abigail it was an undeniable truth. 

All of us are born with these extra sensory abilities, but we need to learn how to live with them. Think of it like a radio dial. To clear the static we need to learn how to tune in, as well as find the on/off button. It is not always an easy process, but that is where the craft and skill comes in. When Abigail turned twelve, there was a shift where she was called even further into the unseen realms. With automatic writing (channeling with spirit) as her primary tool, she began informal readings with friends. The practice became more refined through the years as the sessions reached outside her immediate circle. It thrived in the midst of a career steeped in arts and International fashion. Abigail admits that it took her a long time to arrive at this heart-centered work as a primary career, but she is very grateful to be here. Over time, she has worked with 'unseen' energies to developed a unique modality of life healing work. She continues to deepen her metaphysical studies through The College of Psychic Studies and The School of Intuition and Healing. Presently Abigail is pursuing certification in Hypnosis for Past Life Regression Therapy. It is through the Newton Institute in Pietrasanta, Italy. Abigail's practice flourishes with clients all over the world, working remotely and occasionally in person when available. This work knows no bounds of time and far away locations. As long as there is a speedy wifi connection, the work reaches all over the globe.


1.There are two types of Automatic Writing. Both though, are forms of 'writing'. One is by reaching a deep connection to one's subconscious. The next level is when it is clear that the messages coming through, are from an outside source. This is channeling. The source may be from someone who has passed, an energy or group of energies or someone still alive who communicates through psychic pathways.(Although the last is less common, it has been used by Abigail.) We can call this energy in all forms, a subtle-entity.

Automatic Writing of this second level, happens by letting this subtle-entity use one’s hand to write or draw. The subject may be in a light to heavy trance state. Often the subject, in this case Abigail, doesn't remember what comes up, as it is not functioning on the conscious level. Sometimes Abigail will ask spirit a question, and the automatic writing happens in session itself. In this case, Abigail is able to go gently between this world and beyond.

It can feel like a bit of pressure either above the hand or actually in the hand, all the way to the shoulder, as the writer is guided across the page or keyboard. If you were to put your hand on someone else's to guide them to write, or firmly press the arm at the same time, the person being guided would feel this pressure. That is what it can feel like to the one channeling using automatic writing. 

Psychic abilities and mediumship work in tandem, and for Abigail, are inseparable. One's psychic or extrasensory tools are made up of the different 'claires'; senses. If, for instance, Abigail sees energy, then the energy writes through her, then both mediumship and psychic pathways are employed. 

2. You may connect with someone who has passed over who has messages and/or guidance for you.

You may have something to communicate to this spirit/energy. Sometimes though, the timing is not as we wish, just as in this plane. Abigail asks you then, to be patient and know that not all questions have immediate answers or answers at all. Similarly not all energies are always ready to interact. 

3.  Abigail  sounds like herself during the session.

She is often in a slight trance, that may not even be detectable to you. Abigail goes to a place that is so immediate and outside the bounds of time that she may not remember all that is said. However, should the two of you work together again it often comes flowing right back. 


 4. What should you do before a session?

If you have a question or two, think about defining them.

It is not necessary to arrive with prepared questions.

If it is a remote session (not in -person) please make your space as distraction free as possible, and that you are alone in it. Turn off all outside distractions like media, any notifications on your devices. And please put do not disturb on (most devices have a way to set it like an alarm, it is recommended to do this) Abigail does the same on her end.

Notes and recordings are permitted as long as not shared on media

For both in-person and remote, it is suggested that you do not rush to session, nor rush somewhere else after session. Going a bit slow, can help with integration to a session and after a session with the world.

 5. What does Abigail do before session?

Abigail makes sure that her space is cleared and ready. She may burn sage and light candles,  or work with crystals with the intention that all focus be now on you. Even some dance may figure into her prep time if a necessary bridge to you. She then may sit in meditation for up to 90 minutes. Or if called, she moves into Automatic Writing coupled with downloads of unseen energetic data via the Clairs. The journey into your world is by invitation only. The invite is there for the session, then when the session is over, it is released.


6. Why isn't it good to have a session while in a cafe, or some other public place?

Because Abigail may pick up on energies and thoughts in connection with that which is around you.  You also may feel distracted and uncentered if your focus is pulled somewhere else. And this, in turn, can muddy your own connection with yourself, and your spirit world. You may send out conflicting messages expecting a clear answer. If you are near others as well, and you have not done your own shielding work, you may take on other people's energies unbeknownst to yourself. It happens, it is nothing to be scared of, it is part of living in the world. All those different energies will most likely cause more static energy. Sessions are tailor-made for you, and only you.


8. Packages are offered, why book them instead of a single session? 

Below is a testimonial from a client.


" At first I booked single sessions with Abigail, then I switched to packages. I love them because they somehow give me permission, internally, to reach out when I know I need it, without a lot of deliberating or rationalizing. It's like a present I give to me, because my readings with Abigail are so special and validating, and the act of buying a package makes me feel like I've done something really good for myself. And it's like insurance, because when I need a tune-up I've already put one in the metaphorical bank. I know she's there (she's always SO there) but with a package I feel even more comfortable reaching out for guidance. Besides, she always seems to know when I need guidance anyway, and all we've done is plan for it in bulk. "


No discrimination against: 

race, color, gender, sexual orientation, self-identification, size, culture, religious beliefs, nationality, & age.


The transformation of self, through intuitive navigation skills.  

You are always with your unseen energetic team members. They have messages to impart when you are ready to know them. They speak your unspoken language of the soul. That language can inspire an unshakable way of walking through life. With this grace and ease, it is inevitable that you become more spiritually aware. 

Do you have a concrete idea as to how far you can go in the world or succeed? Bust through that!  Traveling beyond space and time is limitless! 

Unseen energetic information is always there. You can explore its application on a deep karmic level, but also how it plays out in your everyday life.

This is about harmony of the soul and human self. They are both you.