Working with the senses part 1.

In order to go to a heightened sense of perception we must refine our sensory abilities. Unseen data can travel through our senses. But it is not enough to merely travel, we must have the skills to decipher what exactly the subtle energetic data delivers. This is how we interpret and communicate beyond the constraints of human form. They are commonly called the six senses, but in Energy Language we can call them the Clairs. I like looking at them from this point of view as it automatically reminds us that we are looking for definition, and clarity. And bottom line, for anyone developing their intuition, they already have the make-up as an intuitive being. It is just a matter of refinement and practice.


Clairvoyance : clear sense of vision (sometimes mixed up with Claircognition, but they are actually different)

Clairaudience : clear sense of hearing

Clairolfaction : clear sense of smell

Clairsentience or Clairkinesthesia : clear sense of emotion/touch

Claircognition : clear sense of thought/knowing

Clairgustation : clear sense of taste

The 6th Sense is the whole of the receptors (those Clairs listed above) that may decipher the input beyond time and space.

It is like a muscle of heightened awareness that can be prompted by energies in the unseen world and the depth of soul knowledge.

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