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Updated: Dec 14, 2019

I am putting an IG Post here, as there are many of you, either who don't do social media, or we haven't found one another yet on social media. I feel this an important post to share, as it speaks to something a lot of people focus on, and that is what is not working rather than what is.

July 15

Rainy morning walk/ run. For anyone coming back from injuries or fear of coming back to something they love doing after trauma... or time off from being active. If we can do even two minutes of, in this case a run, invest in that joy. I was hit by a car 14 years ago on June 25th. July 2 is my birthday. I celebrate the days between with rituals to mark my choice to live. As well as survive severe subsequent problems from the crash for years after. I had a NDE ( near death experience) that day, where I came out of my body, and was told by my guides, it was essentially too soon to leave, and to get back in my body. So I did. I landed an inch from the SUV wheels. The woman had run the light ( my light) with a nine month old baby in the back seat of the car. I was on a runners high ( listening to a very naughty song by Tweet) and was so relaxed that I went in the air instead of freezing with fear and right under the car. That run saved my life. It gave me time. Those seconds were enough to make a huge choice. To live. So on some days, when I can only run two to five minutes here and there, I see those minutes as small victories. I know it is hard when we know what we used to be able to do, and have an event that changes us, but how can we ever ‘do’ again if all we ‘do’ is focus on what we are not. How can we heal anything from a place of defeat, and comparison even if it is to our former selves. Honor ourselves on any path.

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