The math of Intuition

Intuition is actually an equation. When reduced to disparate elements, all that is left is the static of self doubt. The connection between the seen and the unseen world, is energetic data. The processing of the energetic data is intuition. The process is created by an individual coding system. **

When we challenge what we sense, or the energetic data, the question arises, 'maybe I am making it up. I can't touch it. It's not real. It is just my imagination."

Imagination is not the enemy. Rather it is a bridge and connects us to our intuition and soul.

Please take that in. Imagination, thereby our intuition, connects us to our soul.

Look at how people speak of children in their act of play. Play, invention, and imagination is considered vital to a child's growth and ability to integrate. But at some point they are told to stop, as they are old enough for the real world. Play time is over. This implies that the world of imagination is not real and there is some expiration date to our permission to engage it. Why is it that someone in the arts is given more license to play, and to dream, than someone who works in a post office? Why is there anything forbidden and closeted at all ,when it comes to using our imagination to its fullest potential? Why should adults, or teens even, have to reclaim their lost wild imaginations?

So how does imagination figure into intuition then? Where is the equation?

Think of a medical doctor. She has a patient, she must conclude a diagnosis, and how to heal him.

Where does the contemplation of the illness live in the doctor? In her imagination. This is the process of discerning what? Images, scents, pain, discoloration, breath, touch of something swollen, memories of how these compare to other cases and her choices on those cases. How does that get computed? By her senses and her senses speak with her imagination. This is the language of intuition. Her imagination translates it all so she may recognize and decipher what is needed, in this case a diagnosis and solution. Think of your imagination as a computer of sorts. We put sensorial and memory data in the big computer called Intuition.

The senses get wired into the imagination, the imagination is stored in memory, imagination kicks back in, to decipher it, and all of this makes up intuition.

All valid. All vital to knowing who we are individually and as a whole.

Senses + Imagination + Memory= Intuition

**coding system: my own term for how we decipher the unseen world.

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1. & 2. Iulia Circei

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4. Jonathan Borba

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