How to stand your ground

"A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them."

Liberty Hyde Bailey

Meet Metaphor Mary. She comes to sessions with great frequency. Um, yes, I am Metaphor Mary, posing applicable situations to illustrate an idea. They are often found in food or gardening scenarios, as both deal with process. And yes, I love the feeling of the land beneath me and am a foodie.

Metaphors have the power of perspective. And I will take any opportunity to help a client see things from a different perspective, should they be lost in their own well of distortion. Another way to say that , is they may spin a truth for themselves that they believe and respond to. This truth though is actually a lie. A ripe moment for Metaphor Mary indeed!

When we (universally 'we') are in times of change, where we are figuring out what comes next, without immediate tangible results, It can feel rather hopeless, the lack of proof before us, chanting, we are aimless and unproductive. But this is actually quite an illusion. Tangible results are also a matter of perspective, as internal energetic shifts can be immediate in their results. However, if we stay stuck in the belief of nothing happens, well then, hard to connect to the shifts at all.

Recently Metaphor Mary struck again, with one that has shown up before in various metaphors of farming, but yesterday tweaked a bit for the specific client. The client found it helpful, so I offer it here to you.

A man stands in front of a large flat field of dirt, seemingly devoid of growth, not even a sprout peeks out. He believes that absolutely nothing has been accomplished, fuming that all is a failure! What of the future? The land is no good. What a lot of work lays ahead, working on barren land. If this is any example of the progress, how can there be any hope? How long has this man worked the land, we do not know. What has he planted? We do not know, as it is all a blur by his anger.

But someone comes along smiling. She stands next to this crestfallen, fearful man. You see, unbeknownst to the man, she had planted seeds. To this woman, that same flat field, is full of progress; a result of intention, vision, action and faith in the process. And in herself, to fulfill a vision.

They get on their knees, and each holds a fistful of dirt, but which person in that moment, holds the ability to move forward, and which feels defeated? With whom would you go? The one who needs immediate proof, and fears the future? Or the woman, who is patient, and is able to be with the process; knowing that the future, and all that depends upon this field, is only met by the seed she has planted? Ultimately the latter choice of the woman, requires faith in the unseen. It requires her to be rooted (yup) in her intuition. How can anything grow if we do not at least, plant the seeds?

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