Working with Abigail the past several months has been indescribably incredible. An attempt to describe: We began working together when overlapping challenges were feeling far too heavy for me (understatement). With her spot-on insight and gentle guidance, and sessions that really build with natural momentum, I've met incredible levels of spiritual healing. More than grateful for Abigail!


Washington DC (Remote)

I want to share with you Abigail López.

I would describe sessions with her as psychic psychotherapy. Through sessions with her,

she has helped me beyond words. 

She has healed and transformed many aspects of me and my life, while helping me step

into who I truly am. She has metaphysical talents.


NYC (Remote)

Abigail has been a key part of my transformation journey. She has been an honest and kindly direct ray of sunshine. I began working with her with a very myopic view of what I wanted to accomplish - which at the time was typically asking her for her vision around how things were going to turn out. She was very patient in gently pushing me to do the work and a great guide in transitioning to asking myself the right questions to support and improve my life. Through her amazing insights and approach, she encouraged me and enabled me to see clearly in order to make the right decisions for myself at the time (and to also ask the right questions!). She considers herself a psychic medium but I would argue that she is that and more. I have done occasional sessions as well as regular sessions during a particularly tricky time and I can honestly say the sessions are instrumental in both situations. She has the perfect balance of kindness, honesty, firmness and direct approach.... always with the most honorable intentions and kind and gentle words.


NYC (Remote)

I was thinking how much I have grown spiritually since I have met you.


I cannot thank you enough (it’s bringing tears to my eyes) for all the lessons that I have learned and continue to learn. You have helped me move forward in so many ways. I am forever grateful.


NYC (Remote)

Your insight has truly been a blessing through these tough times. I’m truly grateful for your gifts and each time I work with you, it allows me to tap into parts of myself that’s dormant. You’ve been a help in the process of aligning me with my higher self and for that I am truly grateful. God bless you!


California (Remote)

Abigail has been enormously helpful to me since we started our sessions this past summer.  I approached our first session (via Skype) with some trepidation because I had never sought intuitive assistance before and I did not know what to expect.  But Abigail has a calming way about her, and she immediately alleviated any "fears" I may have had coming into the reading.  Speaking to her is like speaking to a friend.  She just happens to have extraordinary gifts that she uses to aid her clients deal with both the small things and the big picture.  Abigail is an absolute joy, and the genuine article. I continue to work with her several times per month.  I highly recommend her services.


NYC (Remote)

Today’s session changed me. They all do in some way. But today really did. 


If I wrote a book I would call it:: “Life changing Lessons with Abigail”. 

My most recent chapter, ***Living in the consciousness of our patterns and the notorious truths that lay behind them.


NYC (In-person & Remote)

I reached out to Abigail when I was in need of guidance and transition. I was truly amazed by our first encounter and how much it impacted me. She was able to identify major themes in my life and able to point me in the right direction. After only two sessions, two major life decisions were made through Abby's guidance, that I would not have had the courage to do with out her direction. I thank her for seeing my strengths and setting me up for success on a very exciting new path. I will continue to work with Abby, not only because she has made such a strong impact on the direction of my life, but because of her sweet, kind and caring nature. Thank you Abby! 


NYC ( In-Person & Remote)

This is the first time in 12 years that I have given something to my soul. My request for another invoice is for ME. Its a reminder that I’m worth it. That I love and respect myself enough to not crumble into pieces when I feel pain. But that I’m allowed to support myself when I need it, thru you.

Sarah L.

NYC (Remote)

I don’t know what to say. It’s a true awakening. That’s the only word I have at the moment as I continue to meditate and reflect on our session today. 

I learned from one of my yoga teachers that no one can heal us -  we heal ourselves. But I believe that although we have to do the work to heal from within - we also need  people to show us light. You my sweet - are my light worker. 

My gratitude is deep.  The respect I have for you and your work is unyielding.


NYC (In-person & remote)

I am deeply grateful for yesterday's session.  Thanks for helping me begin to leave victimhood, heal my pain (and recognize pain belonging to others), deal with fear of abandonment, prepare to meet my husband (by changing beliefs and bedroom setup!), and restore faith in myself- to remember who I am as a strong, sensual, vibrant woman.


It is a true blessing to have met you.


Boston, MA (Remote)

I met with Abigail and my mind was blown. She was accurate and I came away feeling relieved and light. She certainly is the real thing. This little waif like wonder is the keeper of a powerful gift and I am blessed and grateful that the Universe lead me to her.


NYC (In-person)

I love it! It is super helpful and empowering- again thank you for your insight and intelligent ways you create a positive and safe  path to explore the big stuff in life. You are so skilled and gifted at zeroing in on your client. So grateful to have you in my life.


++This posting was at the urging of the client as to work done on dreams in session.

A client's response to a follow up email from Abigail. This regarded deeper exploration of a dream discussed in session.

NYC (In-person and Remote )

My story about Abigail López
It was a chance meeting of her parents and that is how I met Abigail López.
Abigail is a born medium, she connects with our Angels who guide us and gently push us along.
I'm spiritual by nature and needed some heavenly infusion.
There are no hidden agendas, no rules, nothing is all black or all white. Just spiritual help from our ancestors and others who love us.
I learned from a hour conversation that I was traveling the right path but needed a tweak and a push!
There was nothing scary about the conversation, it was all light.
So I say with pure of heart that she will help you in many ways. But you need to do the work. God Bless.


NYC (Remote)

I thought Abigail was super insightful and helpful, and I am very grateful.


NYC (In-person)

Abigail is wonderful to speak to. She picks up the people and situation very well but always speaks in a very ethical manner and in a manner that has really benefited me and benefited my growth as a person. I cant say enough good things about this reader. Do try her service, you will not regret it. Thank you again so much for your help.


Texas (Remote)

Abigail is the consummate professional in every sense of the word and she is by no means what one might consider a typical psychic medium.

I find true solace in her words and much needed comfort in her guidance. She is gifted with the unique ability to shine a bright light during times of darkness and confusion. Abigail is honest, kind, compassionate, highly intuitive and wrapped in wisdom.

In sum, I cannot praise Abigail enough and am most grateful for the honor and great privilege of being able to work with her.


London, UK (Remote)

I cherish my sessions with Abigail. She is professional, thoughtful, intelligent, humorous, insightful and inspirational. If you are reading this and contemplating an appointment, just do it and then I suspect you will be the next one writing a review of encouragement!


NYC (Remote and in- person sessions)

Abigail is the best advisor I have ever conversed with. She gave me insight and clarity into my situation that I had never received before. I felt much more optimistic and hopeful after we talked. Abigail’s advice was truly a blessing! Thank you so much!


NYC (Remote)

 I wanted to thank you for your wonderful predictions. It's really cool how accurate you were.


NYC (Remote & In-person)

I loved my connection with Abigail / she is gentle yet thorough - and I could feel her clarity . Thanks so much I will email you for continued guidance ,xoxo


California (Remote)

Benefits of Package Options:

At first I booked single sessions with Abigail, then I switched to packages. I love them because they somehow give me permission, internally, to reach out when I know I need it, without a lot of deliberating or rationalizing. It's like a present I give to me, because my readings with Abigail are so special and validating, and the act of buying a package makes me feel like I've done something really good for myself. And it's like insurance, because when I need a tune-up I've already put one in the metaphorical bank. I know she's there (she's always SO there) but with a package I feel even more comfortable reaching out for guidance. Besides, she always seems to know when I need guidance anyway, and all we've done is plan for it in bulk. 


NYC (In- person & Remote )

There are 'psychic mediums' and then there are those rare, truly gifted individuals like Abby. I saw Abby in the midst of great uncertainty, knowing I was on the cusp of change. Her reading of me and the situations about to unfold were eerily accurate - down to the day. Her calm straightforward manner and her genuine empathy were gifts in themselves. I left feeling peace and clarity. And shortly after, her predictions came true. Truly amazing!



NYC (In- person)

The most amazing reading I have ever had. Insightful, clear and to the point on every topic we discussed. Her energy and knowing will bring u peace and calmness. She is truly gifted on so many levels. Please don't miss spending time with her.. U will truly be inspired and feel like a different person. She has truly made a difference in my life. xo 


Santa Barbara, CA (Remote)

My reading was wonderful! Thank you so much!


NYC (Remote)

She is gifted!!! Why was she the only psychic to pick up the person in question's appearance. She really is one of the few who really connected with me. She also has an amazing sense of humor. Awesome psychic.



NYC (Remote)

Best reading Ever

I have to say I was very cautious when I went for my first reading with Abigail. I have had many bad experiences with psychic mediums in the past. The minute I met Abigail I was put at ease by her gentle, calming approach. I felt I was in the presence of a close friend. Her reading was like a zen experience. The reading was so helpful and accurate that I will certainly be back again and again. There is a trust level there I know I will not find elsewhere. Thank you Abigail for all you do!



NYC ( In-person)

Thank you again for such a thorough, insightful, uplifting reading. You are not only exceptionally gifted, but also wonderfully kind and genuine.  I feel so blessed to have met you, and greatly look forward to future sessions. Keep up the excellent work!!



NYC (In-person)

Absolutely  the most accurate readings I have ever had!  She is incredibly gifted and can trust her totally to guide you thro’ the difficult times. She is very good in getting thro’ clear messages as it is. She is truly caring and treats you like her family and responds to any questions or clarification. Thank you so much for helping me thro’ my difficult times and it means a lot to me. Really Really appreciate the time and care you took in helping me thro’ this!



Austin, Texas (Remote)

I had been waiting to talk to her for a while. I'm glad I finally caught her. She gave more information pretty quickly and has said what others have told. My questions were more specific in different areas of my life, but she clarified what I knew in my heart.



Virginia (Remote)

My experiences working with Abby are so enlightening I feel so much of the information she speaks to me is right on track. She has mentioned a few roads and paths to follow for my life and I take everything she says and utilize it to my best, because I know she has my best interest, hears and speaks the truth. Some of the things I have been told I will admit may not be exactly what I want to hear but I know its what I need to hear and that's what I admire and love about her is she is real inside and out. A wonderful spiritual guide and wonderful friend. 

Thank you Abby for all you do!



California (phone)

I  came to Abigail with questions about specific events going on in my life.   I was so  impressed with the depth and scope of the reading as well as her gentle, calming nature.   I have been to mediums before and had very little luck, but this reading was on a completely different level.   The answers I sought were of a short term nature and I can say that everything Abigail shared from the reading came true – 100%!   I was astounded.   There is now a trust level built that I have never had before with another medium.   I will definitely be going back to Abigail again and again. 



NYC (in person)

Thank you for helping those of us in need. Emotionally and spiritually. It means a lot. 



Washington DC (Remote) & NYC (In- person)

Abby was very good at tuning into my situation. It felt like she knew the person I was asking about. I hope that her predictions come true, but based on the info she had I think they will. Thank you.


NYC (Remote)

Thank you so much for our reading :) I appreciate your time, wisdom, and generosity more than you know!!!!

Your expressing of your divine gifts provides the most amazing inspiration... For not only me, but everyone you meet :)



Santa Barbara, CA (Remote)

Thanks again for another wonderful, insightful session. I grow ever more fascinated by the spiritual world and just seeing how much truth it holds for our journey here.